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Free Witch Press; Emily Cobb and Lily Fein

Free Witch Press; Emily Cobb and Lily Fein

Free Witch Press was founded in the fall of Hurricane Sandy by two childhood friends writing madly in rented rooms and coffeeshops Bushwick, NY. Following their poetry tour in 2013, in which Emily and Marie aired their confessional poetry to unsuspecting pizza parlors, packed living rooms, empty theatres, and all-night bookstores, the project has grown to produce a variety of zines, handmade books, artist prints, and live events. Now actively run by Lily Fein and Emily Cobb, we dream of reuniting over a $7 pitcher in a dark daytime bar and spend our waking hours nerding out to obscure USPS rates and kiln temperatures, writing secret 90’s internet blogs, and loving dogs.

Siren Song
Learn More about Siren Song Artist, Emily Cobb

Synodic Time Interruption Calendar
Created by Emily Cobb
Conceptual and design work and influence by: Elsbeth Villa, James Coarse, Lena Warnke, Martha Schnee, Cally Deppen, Charlotte Canner, Kerstin Millnamow, Marie Demple
Calendar artwork by: Emma Silverstein visual ecosystem, Cai Diluvio cover Tanya Harsch binding, Xian Ho, Lily Fein, Elise Garrity, Gemica Rosenberg, Abigail Neale, Jennifer Turpin, Nico Fuentes, Kris Faso, Crystal Joy Tuliszewski, Dina Shaposhnikova, Jordan Schnee, Floryn Hornet


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