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Allyssa DelVecchio, Program Director


Allyssa DelVecchio is the Program Director at Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC), where her passion for fostering artistic expression and community engagement shines through. With a career that spans both media and arts, Allyssa brings a wealth of experience to her role.

Before joining FPAC, Allyssa’s journey led her to work as a freelance concert photographer, a radio DJ for Indie617, and a music journalist for Allston Pudding. Her B.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from Suffolk University, complemented by her diverse media background, has enriched her perspective with a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative insight, setting her apart in her approach to fostering artistic expression and community engagement.

As Program Director, Allyssa manages event rentals, curates programming, spearheads promotional efforts, facilitates art lending and sales, and remains dedicated to cultivating a diverse and thriving art community. 

You can connect with Allyssa at allyssa@fortpointarts.org.


Sergio Bento, Social Media and Promotions Coordinator

As the Social Media and Promotions Coordinator for the Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC), Sergio is focused on growing the reach and impact of FPAC on the surrounding community. With experience at the local and corporate levels, he’s bringing in ideas from various sources.

While attaining his MBA and Masters of Science in Marketing from Suffolk University, Sergio volunteered his time with the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and interned with Schneider Electric on their marketing teams. After graduating, he contracted with Oliver Wyman and Harvard University and assisted them with their marketing efforts. This experience has allowed Sergio not only to think big when it comes to marketing but also to focus on the smaller aspects.

As Social Media and Promotions Coordinator, working under Allyssa, he handles video content creation, social media and email promotion, performance tracking, and more.

You can connect with Sergio at sbento@fortpointarts.org.

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