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Cristina Hasjoy

Cristina Hasjoy

Cristina Hasjoy is a mixed media artist, art educator and designer based in Greater Boston. She is the owner of Hajosy Arts (hajosyarts.com), an art studio of photography, printmaking, book arts, and historical decorative arts, especially paper marbling and paste paper. She is the co-founder and president of New England Book Artists (newenglandbookartists.org), a book arts organization that has quickly grown since 2019. Her work strives to foster understanding and personal growth through book arts via art education and the creation of beautifully challenging and personally satisfying art.

Cristina was born in Rome, Georgia to parents who were doctors. She grew up on a cattle farm with a large catfish fishery, family garden, pecan orchards, and horses alongside private school, art classes, music lessons, and country club activities. According to Cristina, “My story is a modern-day Green Acres complete with Hungarian heritage and an amusing clash between high and low cultures. “

“I’m president and the zine master for New England Book Artists (NEBA) – a non-profit book arts organization that I co-founded in 2019. We have an annual Member Zine Swap in the summer. Our 2020 swap has 16 zines housed in a red pillow box. I have all the zines in both flat sheets and folded. They’re the standard letter-sized black & white xeroxes. I photographed them all individually and as the set. I blogged about the swap:”

New England Book Artists Book Swap

New England Book Artists, NEBA is a professional organization of book artists and bibliophiles. It celebrates, promotes, and supports the book arts and its makers, fosters public education, and nurtures an understanding and enjoyment of the discipline through exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and related activities.

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