The Gallery at Atlantic Wharf is programmed by the Fort Point Arts Community and features local and regional artists in thematic group exhibitions. Organized by guest curators, shows are selected through an open call process and generously funded by Boston Properties.

The Gallery at Atlantic Wharf
290 Congress Street
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Boston Scapes

March 4 – June 9, 2024

Opening Reception: March 14, 5:30p–7:30pm

Indulge in a journey through our beloved city with ‘BostonScapes,’ an enchanting exhibition debuting at FPAC’s Gallery at Atlantic Wharf on March 5th, 2024. Curated to showcase the vibrant spirit and diverse perspectives of local artists, “BostonScapes” offers a kaleidoscopic exploration of the urbanscapes, landscapes, and iconic landmarks that define this historic city through unique mediums. From the intricate wood-burning masterpieces of Kencaid to Lonnie Ash’s evocative watercolor artworks of iconic Boston locations, each artwork in the exhibition is a testament to the deep-rooted connection between artists and the love they share with the city we call home.

“BostonScapes” is more than just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of the intrinsic beauty found in the streets of Boston, as seen through the eyes of its most talented artists. Join us as we embark on this visual odyssey, where each brushstroke and capture of light serves as a love letter to the city that continues to inspire and enchant us all.

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