Episode 1: Joe Santos

Episode 1: Joe Santos

Fort Point Arts Community Member and Neighborhood Resident

José (Joe) Santos received his Bachelors of Fine Arts and Masters of Science in Art Education from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA. He has worked for a number of years as an art educator in the Somerville, MA public schools and is also a professional artist. He currently resides at the Artist Building at 300 Summer Street in Boston, MA where he lives and works in a vibrant artist community. In 2007, Mr. Santos was the recipient of a $5,000 art renewal grant for teachers which allowed him to travel and work in Portugal over the summer. He was also an artist-in-resident at Byrdcliff Arts Colony in Woodstock, NY. Mr. Santos been part of numerous solo and group art exhibitions in museums, universities, and galleries and in 2004, the Fogg Art Museum in Cambridge, MA purchased three of his pieces for its permanent collection.

“My Portuguese-American ethnicity has been a source of inspiration. As a child and teenager, I was raised in the tight-knit Portuguese-American community of Ludlow, Massachusetts, spoke only Portuguese at home, and was influenced by the traditions that my parents brought from Portugal when they immigrated to the United States from the farming town of Evora, Alcobaça, in the 1950s. For me, art is autobiographical and no matter where my explorations take me as an artist, they are always firmly grounded in my cultural roots. This has taken many different forms over the years. At first, focusing on my ethnicity translated into realistic paintings of the people and places of my culture. Although this work was once exciting to me, when I look back at it now I feel it was narrowing my self expression. By painting realistically, I had begun to stereotype my culture, creating images that I thought others would like to see. More recently, my visual representations of my ethnicity have been less literal, less concrete, but the ethnic influence is always there, in the symbols, colors and materials, and in the process of creating the artwork itself. The process of creation has become more intrinsic rather than extrinsic.”

Learn more about Joe and his work at joselsantos.com
Follow Joe on Instagram: @joesantos1079
Episode 2: Gabrielle Schaffner

Episode 2: Gabrielle Schaffner

Former Executive Director of Fort Point Arts Community

Gabrielle is a ceramic artist, producing a line of functional pottery in her A Street studio; her work has been sold and exhibited in stores and galleries across the United States. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, she has been a resident of the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston since 1988.

Gabrielle lives with her partner, book-artist Laura Davidson, and their daughter in an artists’ cooperative. The cooperative, in a converted warehouse building, was Massachusetts’ first live/work cooperative for artists, and is home to 43 other artists and their families.

Gabrielle has a BA in Studio Arts with a concentration in Italian Language from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and also studied at Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy.

She also spent many years working in various arts administration roles for the Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC) and served as the Executive Director until the end of 2014. She continues to be engaged in Fort Point, and has also served on the Board of the Friends of Fort Point Channel.

Learn more about Gabrielle and her work at www.gabrielleschaffnerceramics.com
Follow Gabrielle on Instagram: @gabrielle_schaffner
Contact Gabrielle: gabri.schaffner@gmail.com
Episode 3: Mark J. Stock

Episode 3: Mark J. Stock

Fort Point Arts Community Member and Entrepreneur

Mark J. Stock is an artist, scientist, programmer, and designer who creates still and moving images and objects combining elements of nature, physics, chaos, data, computation, and algorithm. He has been showing work since 2000 and has been in over 90 curated and juried exhibitions since 2001, including Ars Electronica, ASPECT Magazine, and seven SIGGRAPH Art Galleries, and has video work in prominent public spaces in Boston. He has spoken at numerous scientific, computer graphics, and art conferences and workshops, has published papers in a variety of fields, and shares a patent in semiconductor process engineering. Mark completed his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan in 2006 with research into fluid vortex sheet dynamics and simulation. He is currently working part time on an NIH grant to create an open-source simulator for artificial heart valves, designs and sells 3D printed models of mountains under TinyMtn, and creates artwork in his studio at 300 Summer in Boston, Massachusetts.

Learn more about Mark and his work at markjstock.com.
Follow Mark on Instagram: @MarkJStock
Episode 4: Tony Savarino and Duane Lucia

Episode 4: Tony Savarino and Duane Lucia

Longtime Fort Point Arts Community Members

Tony Savarino is a professional musician and widely sought after guitar teacher. The Noise voted him its Favorite Guitar Player in 2004 and 2005, and it’s probably because he moves so easily from rock to pop to funk to reggae to soul to country. He has appeared in: Guitar World, Guitar Player For The Practicing Musician, The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix, The Noise and SoundCheck and has a reputation as a guitar player’s guitarist. He has played on too numerous recordings to mention, as well as compiling three solo albums with his group the Savtones; Guitaring (2010), Guitaresque (2012) and Guitararino (2014). A soon to be released fourth CD is in the mix.

Having been a life long resident of Boston’s Fort Point Artist Community, Savarino grew up around art, literally 24/7, under the watchful eye of his artist mother Paola Savarino. As a youth, his mom dragged him to openings, happenings and art classes at the MFA School where she taught painting, but painting was not to be, as he gravitated toward the camera, which became an extension of his electronic music and the techie influence of his nuclear physicist father.
Learn more about Tony and his work at www.tonysavarino.com.

Duane Lucia is the owner and co-founder of Gallery East, an online pop-up venture. He has curated hundreds of exhibitions since opening the gallery in 1979 when it occupied 5000sq ft. in Boston’s Leather District. From 2010 to 2018, he was the curator of exhibits at the West End Museum where he researched and designed over thirty exhibitions on Boston history. When he is not putting exhibits together, Lucia manages to create his own mixed media art, or work on a film project. His 90-minute documentary, All Ages, premiered at the IFFB in 2012 and has shown at film festivals around the world. He also helped research Leonard Nimoy’s Boston in 2016 and is currently working on a three-part documentary about Urban Renewal in the 1950s. A lifelong martial artist, Lucia has evolved his own unique system and passed it along to succeeding generations.

Learn more about Duane and his work at www.galleryeastnetwork.com.


Episode 4: Tony Savarino and Duane Lucia

by Kim Barnes

Hosted by Kim Barnes. Kim was FPAC’s Open Studios Coordinator and a multimedia artist. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia  Commonwealth University and her Master of Fine Arts at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University with a concentration on sound installation, experimental animation, and video. Kimberly is invested in building a connection between the arts and the community, regardless of background. Her work examines the complexities of mental illness within the black community along with its relationship with black identity and double consciousness in America. Kimberly’s work also emcompasses the simbiotic nature between negative and muted emotions, pairing surreal imagery or sound with the mundane. She has exhibited in several shows, most notably Viridian Artist Inc.’s annual “30 under 30” show in New York, NY.




Please contact Kim Barnes at barneska91@gmail.com

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