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Regali: Sicilian Stories
Curated by Nita Sturiale and Co-curated by Renée Ricciardi

Regali: Sicilian Stories features the work of a collaborative group of eleven international artists: Gabriele Abbruzzese, Audrey Cerchiara, Annamaria Craparotta, Jennifer Hope Davy, Nicole Dube, Luke Mannarino, Carmelo Nicotra, Salvatore Picone, Renée Ricciardi, Matteo Triolo, and Lisa Wade. The artists worked together in the Sicilian town of Favara, Italy, to investigate local notions of gift culture. The word regali is Italian for gifts.

“The artists in Regali: Sicilian Stories participated in a summer residency in Favara, Italy, where they met and interviewed inhabitants who shared their stories about gifts they have given, received, or desire,” explains Sturiale, a Boston artist and professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

“These inquiries sparked a collaborative artistic process that revealed the poetics and value of each individual’s unique experience,” adds Sturiale who founded the Regali Artist in Residency in 2014.

“This humanist project looks closely at the culture of a locality, Favara, Sicily, investigating what it is that is both unique and universal to the community’s practices of gift giving,” says Toabe, the juror for FPAC’s 2018-19 season. “The parameters of organizing a group of multidisciplinary artists to react to this investigation results in a broad set of interpretations, both in subject and object.”

As part of the exhibit, Sturiale and Ricciardi will engage the community with a postcard project throughout the exhibit, encouraging people to share the stories of important gifts they have given or received. Visitors will write these stories on Regali postcards addressed to loved ones. Also, at the opening reception, viewers will be provided with paper and pencils so they can leave drawings and messages to be installed in the exhibition.

There will be an opening reception for the exhibition on April 4, 2019 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.


About the Artists

As a Sicilian artist, Gabriele Abbruzzese (Italy) leveraged his deep understanding and relationship with the Sicilian landscape as his medium for the Regali collaboration. He uses video portraits of time, movement, and archeological vistas to portray the quiet resilience of Sicilian culture.

Audrey Cerchiara (US) is a prolific writer, avid reader, world traveler, and restaurant kitchen manager in Portland, Oregon. During her time with Regali, she pulled out the beauty of words and moving between languages.

Annamaria Craparotta (Italy) is a documentary filmmaker born and raised in Sicily. Among many of her film works, she has profiled Gibellina Nuova, a town that was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1968. Her video work is a fundamental aspect of the Regali collaboration.

Jennifer Hope Davy (US and EU), an American artist and writer, has lived and worked in Europe for many years. This experience aided in the cultural translations the group was asked to make throughout the residency. As a writer, she shepherded the evolution of the folios that captured the words and image of our interviewees.

Nicole Dube (US), an actress, filmmaker, and producer, collaborated with Luke Mannarino to perform the movement piece included in the original exhibition. She also conceived and edited a video exploring the gestural expressions of the interviewees. Her Italian heritage triggered a depth if investment in the project.

Luke Mannarino (US) is a performance artist and painter. With Italian ancestors, he worked to understand the culture and translated his observations into an original performance score and wall mural for the exhibition.

Carmelo Nicotra (Italy), an extraordinary artist and businessman, was born and lives in Favara. He knows everyone and worked as a translator and logistics master. His sense of production detail and professionalism is unparalleled. Nicotra’s work on this project included visuals, writing, curatorial oversight and relationship building with locals.

Salvatore Picone (Germany) is a painter, based in Germany, with grandparents from Favara. He spent his childhood summers in Favara. His perspective was unique as he understood the Favarese culture while also feeling like an outsider. This sensibility drove his visual contributions on the project in painting, performance, and sculpture.

Renée Ricciardi (US), an artist and curator based in Boston, has traveled extensively in Italy photographing beekeepers. In 2018 she trekked the coastline of Malta solo, while making photographs of the journey. Her captivating portraits of the Regali interviewees capture their authentic essence as well as the aesthetic experience of their gifts. Renée has been tireless in her commitment and loyalty to the Regali project.

Matteo Triolo (US) is of Japanese and Italian heritage and felt a strong pull to explore the cultural heritage of his grandfather’s background. As a painter and sound artist, he primarily focused on creating a sound environment based on interview recordings of locals. He is currently in the US Marine Corps.

Nita Sturiale (US) founded the Regali Residency and Exchange project. This project has been a mission for her and her family and emerges out of her personal experiences—as a grandchild and a wife of Sicilian immigrants—as well as the national and global ramifications of immigration policy and xenophobia. Her skills as a professor, entrepreneur, and event organizer combine to bring Regali into existence.

Lisa Wade (Italy) was indispensable as co-founder of the first residency in Favara. She was embedded at the Farm Cultural Park, identified potential interviewees, and managed the day-to-day activities of all the artists. As a visual installation artist herself, she understood what was realistically possible for the exhibit in Favara and secured the necessary permissions, materials, and support.

About the Juror

Sam Toabe received his M.A. in the history of art and architecture and museum studies from Boston University in 2015 and a B.F.A. from the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2011. His research and writing focus on alternative curatorial practices across a variety of periods and geographies (looking specifically at artist-curated exhibitions and events), revisionist art histories, and the advancement of cultural plurality in our global, visual lexicons. Between 2013 and 2016, Toabe acted as assistant director and subsequently associate director at Samsøñ, an internationally recognized commercial art gallery in Boston’s South End. He has contributed to over 50 exhibitions, with supporting roles at institutions such as the Yuan Art Museum in Beijing, the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, and Brandeis University, among others.




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