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May 30 (Wednesday) 12:00 pm - July 1 (Sunday) 5:00 pm



460 Harrison Ave, #B-6, Boston, MA 02118

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Nora Charney Rosenbaum Ghost Fish, Order and Chaos, diptych, oil on copper, each panel 36 x 12 in., 2018

The underlying theme of this group of work is the movement of water as a metaphor for my recent life experiences. Seeking predictability amidst chaos, equilibrium in turbulence, I’ve been carried along by currents either willingly or with resistance.

The ghost fish paintings are attempts to find patterns and subtle seemingly endless variations of this theme. The other paintings in this group are an earlier effort to use color, form and texture to try to abstract the submerging and revealing properties of still water, tidal streams and waves.

My technique is to layer oil paint in thin glazes or sometimes mixed with wax over chemically treated copper to produce an optically complex surface. Light passes through some layers and reflects off others to give an impression of atmosphere and luminescence.

Painting for me is always a leap into the unknown, a challenge to try to capture the depth, motion and sense of transparency in this ephemeral world.

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