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April 15 (Thursday) 1:00 am - May 15 (Saturday) 1:00 am


Assemblage Art Space

70A Sleeper Street

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Let There Be Li

Light from a computer, tablet and phone screen replaced the darkness of 2020, increasing the screen-based viewing of artwork too. Suddenly digital art, a mere option before, became the option for artists, like Artra, that were suddenly barred from studio spaces. Taking refuge in digital art processes during the long, lonely days of quarantine, Artra later found the Assemblage Gallery in Boston’s historic Fort Point neighborhood to use as a free and shared studio with other artists. 

Even during a pandemic, Fort Point was alive with continuous movement and activity. Once shy of sharing studio processes, the exposure to a community of onlookers and strangers peering through the floor to ceiling glass walls lifted Artra’s work and spirits. The outside activity filtered through the glass walls and brought the outside in, presenting an ideal opportunity to be alone, together. 

The community’s inclusion also resulted in an exchange of energy and a coming to life of a work that Artra could not have previously imagined. The studio itself became a conduit of change, floating across a sea of people.  

Walks along the harbor with fellow Seaport residents, the uplifting breeze of the sea, the music of the seagulls, the ever-changing light on the crisp clear seawater as well as the daily to and fro of sailors, divers, fishermen, businesswomen, and dogwalkers, gave life to Artra’s current exhibition. Artra highlights the darkness and ambiguity of the pandemic amidst the sea of activity in, Let There Be Li

The exhibition marks the opening of the Assemblage Gallery to the public again, and it offers an event where the community can stand face to face with the artwork without peering through a glass facade or screen. 

Artra hopes that by sharing their new artistic process and digital learning outcomes with the community, attendees may join them in celebrating a healthy and safe new beginning for the Assemblage. 

Wear your mask, stand six feet apart, and come see what it’s like to see the world through filtered reflections surrounded by an ever powerful and stoic sea and fort.


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