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November 8 (Sunday) - December 27 (Sunday)


FPAC Gallery

300 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210

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Did Gravity Save the Universe from God?

Artists: Lara Loutrel, Joseph Moore, Mark J. Stock

Curator: Jeffrey P. Heyne

Most cultures throughout history have woven creation stories to lend meaning to their presence within their known worlds. For millennia, the acceptance of the supernatural was relied upon to explain the inexplicable, such as what makes the Sun rise, what does it mean to be born, what happens when we die, or where does love come from. While divergent in concept and media, these three artists seem to share sides of the same coin—the obverse, the reverse, and the edge.

Comment by juror Jessica Hong: “Many disciplines have made attempts to try and make sense of the world around us—i.e., biological sciences, philosophy, religion, the arts—and this exhibition seeks to bridge these seemingly disparate ideologies, not necessarily to find answers but to create a space for questioning and contemplation.”

Image: “Mixing Simulation,” by Mark Stock, video, 2017


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