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Assemblage: A FPAC Space

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Be/Come Gallery Show
May 1-June 29, 2019

Public hours:
Sunday: 1-5 p.m.
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 4-8 p.m.
Thursday: 2-5 p.m.
Friday: 12-5 p.m.
Saturday: 12-5 p.m.

Fort Point is an area of transition. The history of Fort Point is one of continuous movement. The land itself has evolved from marshland to textile/iron industry to parking lots to high rise buildings.  The community has seen both the buildup and diminishment of its arts community and the re-introduction of commerce in its place. Not only does a community bear witness to these substantial shifts but they can and should have agency over these impending changes.

We can slowly watch a building being erected but rarely witness the unfolding that occurs when the event of art takes place, transforming the gallery into a space in which to experience, observe and contemplate.

Join Emily Brodrick and Kate Holcomb Hale as they host four nights of Be/Come: witness and document the moments of becoming that occur when an artwork is transformed in and by the space of the gallery. We invite the public to join us and observe the accumulation of mark and form, the shifting and stretching of objects, the response to architecture and the transformation and genesis of new space via the slow accretion of four installations in real time.

We want to enliven the community of Fort Point to document this evolution of the gallery space alongside the artists through their own medium of choice: photography, writing, drawing, textiles, painting, dance, meditation or any form the viewers see fit. Additionally we encourage the community to participate in the process by sharing ideas by means of a suggestion box. It will be present during the length of the exhibit for the community to engage and assist the artists as they respond to the space of the gallery. The landscape of the Fort Point neighborhood has changed often without the input of its people, we want to bring attention to this issue by asking the community to guide us in designing what the landscape of the gallery will look like.


Emily Brodrick

Emily Brodrick’s work inhabits the space between stereotypical and gendered definitions of textile crafts and visual art because she often uses crochet and knitting, historically female skillsets, to create fine art in a historically male dominated field. Formally, her work references living organisms and it is through these tactile and approachable mediums as well as color, that she gives a graspable consciousness to creatures whose differences from us often translate to them being considered mindless or inanimate. To expand on that accessibility, the organism that inspired the form or function of the piece often becomes its title. Each time the work is installed it can look largely different because just as organisms evolve to a new niche, Emily adapts her work to respond to the architecture of the new space. Hanging or branching her pieces over the areas between architectural spaces, she uses physical and aesthetic boundaries to highlight and thus question our cultural boundaries between textiles and fine art.


Kate Holcomb Hale

Kate Holcomb Hale’s work shows how emotions can extend beyond the realm of the internal and can manifest themselves in our physical world.  Drawing provides the backbone for Kate’s mixed-media installations; each captures a moment when subjectivity shifts due to loss, trauma or any significant life event.  Is the fluid draining?, I very totally had dreams last night and And neither are we reference psychological fractures that compile throughout a lifetime shaping one’s identity.  The installations themselves appear “in-process” or “unfinished” which is apropos as they are continually acclimating to new conditions presented at each site of installation.  Kate’s work subverts traditional boundaries of drawing and painting merging paper, paint and charcoal with architecture. She creates a tangible form for an intangible, constantly fluctuating, interior space.


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