The story of artists being displaced from their neighborhoods has become ubiquitous across the country as San Francisco, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and many other cities are all struggling to find sustainable models to nurture and retain affordable housing, and concurrently a diverse culture. Through the FPAC’s long history of stabilizing artist housing, and through the artist-led acquisition of Midway Artist Studios and the current FPAC Housing Initiative, Boston offers a counter-narrative to this national story, that reinforces FPAC’s reputation as a leader in the area of affordable artist housing and cultural sustainability.

As we move forward, we will continue to offer support and resources for sustainable artist housing solutions and we will help others by sharing our solutions and models. Subscribe to our artist space mailing list and stay in touch with us. Come to Fort Point and visit our many spaces and meet and make friends with the artists that live and work in our buildings.



• FPAC developed 249 A Street Artists Cooperative a limited equity artists cooperatives that provide live/work space for 44 artist households.

• FPAC developed The Artist Building at 300 Summer Street a limited equity artists cooperatives that provide live/work space for more than 47 artist households.

• FPAC assisted in the development of The Brickbottom Artist Building in Somerville an artists community which provides housing for 150 artist households.

• FPAC played an instrumental role in founding Fort Point Cultural Coalition, which developed Midway Studios, Boston’s largest artist live/work rental building with 89 units.

• FPAC negotiated with developers to include 5 artist units in the Muse Legacy Building on 63 Melcher Street.

• FPAC negotiated with developers to include 3 artist units at the FP3 Lofts at 346-354 Congress Street.

• FPAC played an influential role in including 4 artist units at Fort Point Place at 21 Wormwood Street.

Moving Forward:

FPAC advocates for affordable housing for Artists. 

• FPAC continues to advocate for the artist community in Fort Point by sitting on Impact Advisory Groups with developers.

• FPAC works with developers to negotiate publicly accessible spaces along the Fort Point Channel through the Ch. 91 approvals process instituted through the Boston Planning and Development Agency.

• FPAC is part of the planning process for the 100 Acres development plan in the Fort Point neighborhood.

The Artist Building at 300 Summer Street

249 A Street Artists Cooperative

FP3 Lofts

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