Public Art Archive


A sampling of public art projects in Fort Point over the past years.

We are continuing to update this archive to include the many installations which have been on exhibit in Fort Point.

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Electric Pilgrims: Urban Arts Program, Emerson

October 17, 7pm

Emerson College’s Urban Arts Program of the School of the Arts presented Electric Pilgrimsan immersive projection event. The one-night event occurred in conjunction with Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC) and the 36th Annual Fort Point Open Studios.

Electric Pilgrims included a variety of video projections that illuminated Channel Center Street, featuring sound, live light projections, an interactive television wall, and video and slide projections on screens and across the buildings in a spectacular installation. The centerpiece of the multimedia experience was a main screen that showcased four video projections by Emerson College filmmakers, alumni, and colleagues including Interim Dean of the School of the Arts Robert Sabal, visual and audio media artist Andrew Neumann, New York and Boston media artist T. Marie, and St. Louis artist Van McElwee.

Approximately 20 projections throughout Electric Pilgrims featured works from the Urban Screen at Emerson’s Paramount Center with projections by Jim Campbell, San Francisco; Santiago Cucullu, Argentina-Milwaukee; John Craig Freeman, Boston (EC); Brian Knep, Boston; James Manning, Boston; Bruce Pearson, New York; John Powell, Boston; Erwin Redl, Austria; and Aldo Tambellini, Boston.

Toll With Me, Gianna Stewart


GIANA-STEWART-Toll-project board1

How often do you find yourself walking A Street towards the bridge, your hand dragging along a chain link fence?

8,500 bells, each one hanging from a simple jump ring in the openings of the chain link fence, will be installed along A Street in an undulating form. The bells’ metallic finish will catch the sun on bright day, and, says Stewart “they will reveal the invisible winds that walk with us on A Street. I believe a simple gesture like these bells becoming part of an everyday object—the fence along A Street—is a way to bring poetry to the everyday.”

Gianna Stewart is a Boston-based sculptor with a strong interest in public art. She received her MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 2014.

Toll With Me will be located on A Street on the fence bordering the US Post Office parking lot, between Wormwood and Melcher Streets. The installation will be on display beginning May 11th. The artist will begin installing the project on May 7th and 10th, and invites the public to take part in the final installation over Open Studios weekend, May 15-17th.

Toll With Me is made possible by generous support from a grant from The South Boston Community Development Foundation.


Bright Side of the Road II,  Michael Moss and Claudia Ravaschiere


brightside install shot may 14 2015Using quirky, colorful, everyday objects, Bright Side II transforms an underutilized plot of land to create an unexpected, gardenlike oasis in an otherwise neglected city space on Congress Street. Creating a usable area through an act of “guerilla urban gardening”. Viewers are invited to become participants in the transformation and re-evaluation of the nature of the site, and more broadly, change their perception and relationship to the encountered space.

The artists chose to use orange as the primary color for transforming this area because it is said that orange is a power color. In many cultures, orange symbolizes healing. It stimulates enthusiasm, creativity and vitality.

Funded by a grant from the South Boston Community Development Foundation. With special thanks to Berkeley Investments and Pastoral for allowing the project to be installed in this location.

The artists also thank Abraham Brownell and John Travis for their assistance.






Artist at Work, John Hansen

This project featured a plexiglass and solar LED sculpture by John Hansen installed on the Fort Point Harborwalk. Funded by the Fort Point Operations Board.



Public Art Projects in conjunction with Fall Open Studios 2014


“The Fort Point Neighborhood is Displaying More Public Art Than Ever”, BostInno, 11/04/2014

photo credit: Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano

Shimmer, Claudia Ravaschiere and Michael Moss

“Shimmer” is a temporary public art installation by Fort Point artists Claudia Ravaschiere and Michael Moss. Using the refractive qualities of florescent and jewel toned plexi glass, this piece activates the the Congress Street Bridge and changes the public perception of a familiar urban environment.  The piece is constructed to catch the natural and ambient light to create a luminous field of color and alternating hues. The visual impact of the “Shimmer” will change as the light changes throughout the day.

Location: Dorchester Ave and Congress Street (Downtown side).

More info

Press: Follow the Fort Point Rainbow, Boston Magazine, 8/21/2014


photo credit: Stagg-Giuliano
photo credit: Stagg-Giuliano

A Close Knit Community- Roots and Growth, Kristen Alexandra 

Crochet leaves, vines and roots in a color palette of varying browns for the roots, greens for the vines and fall colors like burnt orange, deep yellow, and green leaves will be installed on either on a fence in the Fort Point neighborhood. This piece will honor the deep seeded roots of the neighborhood and celebrate its vibrant growth over the years. Funded through a grant from the Fund for the Arts, a public art program of the New England Foundation for the Arts.

Location: A Street fence between Binford and Mt Washington Street 


photo credit: Denise Bosco
photo credit: Denise Bosco

PYR 2014, Don Eyles

In 1998 Fort Point artist Don Eyles floated his first pyramid in Fort Point Channel, marking the water as a venue for art and opening the doors to years of temporary art installations to come. The installation was a bold move, made independently, and completely self-funded.

“Consider the history has passed along the cobbled streets of Boston — all the men and women, famous or unremembered, who have walked and rode here, crossed our bridges, gathered in our public spaces, imported and exported, bought and sold — always with granite cobblestones beneath their feet and wheels. I have long dreamed of making this history tangible, by constructing a great pyramid from the cobblestones uprooted by the City’s recent development.”

Eyles’ newest pyramid, PYR 2014 will float in the Art Basin (between Summer and Congress Street Bridges) in early October. After one month, the piece will move south of the Summer Street Bridge.

This project is funded by the Fort Point Operations Board and Friends of Fort Point Channel.
See the pyramid as it takes shape:

Location: Fort Point Channel between Congress and Summer Street



1- Flower Blanket -Farewell to Summer

Flower Blanket, the Farewell to Summer, Liliana Folta

A folded, flowered blanket made from multicolored, weather resistant materials and solar powered LED lighting. This installation highlighted the new location for MIFP, on the backside of 315 A Street, along the Haul Road. The piece was accompanied by flower paper and mixed media installations for the two windows (indoor).  Funded through a grant from the Fund for the Arts, a public art program of the New England Foundation for the Arts.

Location: Made in Fort Point Store entryway



Flutter, Claudia Ravaschiere and Mike Moss

This public art installation will be composed of laser-cut butterflies designed by the artists and assembled in a random configuration along the US Postal Service fence on A Street.  Flutter celebrates the diverse, cross-cultural significance of the butterfly: transformation, freedom, joy, and the power — and inevitability ― of change. Funded through a grant from the Fund for the Arts, a public art program of the New England Foundation for the Arts.

Location: US Postal Fence on A Street

Support for FPAC’s Public Art Series is provided by a grant from the Fort Point Channel Operations Board with funds from the Chapter 91 Waterways Regulations License #11419 for Russia Wharf, now Atlantic Wharf. The Fort Point Channel Operations Board is made up of representatives from the City of Boston, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, and the Fort Point Channel Abutters Group, who oversee the implementation of public benefits required from private development along the Fort Point Channel.



photo credit: Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano

Tropical Fort Point,  Peter Agoos

April 28 – June 15, 2014

Peter Agoos’ ‘Tropical Fort Point’ kicks off FPAC public art in 2014 and the lead up to FPAC Spring Open Studios. See it when it goes up April 28th, and read below for information on the project in his own words:

“The struggle for quality public open space in the neighborhood and the likelihood of climate change-induced rising sea levels are the conceptual parents of Tropical Fort Point.”

Location: Fort Point Channel between Summer St and Congress St bridges

More info

Tropical Fort Point and Fort Point’s Floating Art Series is made possible by the generous support of Friends of Fort Point Channel, a nonprofit organization committed to making the Fort Point Channel an exciting and welcoming destination for all of Boston’s residents, workforce and visitors. For more information, please visit Friends of Fort Point Channel has partnered with The Fort Point Arts Community since 2005 to activate the Fort Point Channel with temporary displays of public art.

Additional support for Tropical Fort Point is provided by a grant from the Fort Point Channel Operations Board with funds from the Chapter 91 Waterways Regulations License #11419 for Russia Wharf, now Atlantic Wharf. The Fort Point Channel Operations Board is made up of representatives from the City of Boston, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, and the Fort Point Channel Abutters Group, who oversee the implementation of public benefits required from private development along the Fort Point Channel.

Tropical Fort Point was selected by a jury of artists, arts professionals, and community members. FPAC thanks our selection panel:

Elizabeth Devlin, Karin Goodfellow,  Cher Krause Knight,  Michael Moss, Danielle Pillion, Traci Roloff

View information on the project in Peter’s words, as well as further information our selection panel

View additional press:

Boston Magazine, Take a Staycation in Fort Point: Artist Spruces Up the Harbor With Floating Palm Trees

BostInno, So, There’s a Tropical Forest Floating in the Fort Point Channel Right Now

Boston Globe, Boston-area To Do List

Press release



i wandered, Kate Gilbert and Karen Shanley

May 8-June 3, 2014

This project celebrates the joyous arrival of spring and invites you to explore the Fort Point through poetry. Large graphic daffodils and select phrases from “I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud”, William Wordsworth’s 1807 poem about discovering a “host of dancing daffodils,” can be found in five different spots around the neighborhood—encouraging us to consider “the sparkling waves of glee,” to closely observe our geography and place, and to reconnect with the lost art of meditative walking.

Locations: Harborwalk at Congress Street (Fort Point side) and multiple locations around Fort Point. May 8-June 3, 2014



silver lining, elisa hamilton

May 9th: 4-7pm, May 10th and 11th  from 12-5pm

Silver Lining is an inclusive exploration of our relationship with hope that invites the public to engage in the brilliance of possibility.  All are invited to literally “take what they need” in this optimistic intervention that challenges participants to see the good in the world that surrounds us.

Location: Summer Street Bridge over Fort Point Channel.

These projects are supported by a grant from the Fort Point Channel Operations Board with funds from the Chapter 91 Waterways Regulations License #11419 for Russia Wharf, now Atlantic Wharf and will be installed in and around the Fort Point Channel in conjunction with Open Studios. 



Starry NightLisa Greenfield and Daniel van Ackere



Greenfield and van Ackere, with FPAC, applied for and received a planning grant from New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) in 2011 to hire engineers to research how to make the project more permanent.

Redesigned to incorporate state of the art technology and a fully programmable interface, Starry Night is scheduled to brighten Fort Point for the next ten years.

The installation is best viewed from A Street at Summer Street (between Congress Street and Melcher Street), in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood of South Boston.

Starry Night is funded by Fund for the Arts, a public art program of the New England Foundation for the Arts and the Edward Ingersoll Browne Fund.

photo above by Daniel van Ackere


Color Quark, Michael Moss and Claudia Ravaschiere

claudiamikecolorquarkOctober 2013

Harborwalk, Children’s Museum

Color Quark is inspired by quarks and the phenomenon of color confinement, merging science and whimsical art. Invented structures composed in vibrant colors cluster into configurations that echo the forms of molecules and challenge the public’s perception of the environment, creating an unexpected burst of color and shape along the Harborwalk.



StoryLines2_GilbertHamiltonedited-1024x624Title: Storylines

Artist: Elisa Hamilton and Kate Gilbert

Date: October 2013

Location: Harborwalk past the Summer Street Bridge

Story Lines invited the public to emotionally and physically engage in reshaping the artists’ visions.  The project explored the layers of development in one’s identity and the discoveries that emerge as multiple voices come together in a single realization.


01_DMB_StreetSeats_WATitle: Street Seats, Reimagining the Public Bench

Artist: Design Museum Boston

Date: Late Summer/ Early Fall 2013

Location: Harborwalk

19 unique public benches that help us see the city in a new light.




Title: Bright Side of the Road

Artist: Michael Moss and Claudia Ravaschiere

Date: May 2013

Location: Outside 345 Congress St.

A transformation with light and color in an unused urban space.





Title: Everyday Thanks

Artist: Elisa Hamilton

Date: May 2013

Location: Wormwood Park

A creative experiment in giving thanks in our ordinary lives.






Title: Street Seats: Redefining the Public Bench

Artist: multiple artists

A project of Design Museum Boston

Date: 2013

Location: Along the Harborwalk

19 unique public benches that help us see the city in a whole new light.





Title: Listener

Artist: ‪goodgood (Karen Stein Shanley),  ‪New American Public Art (‬Dan Sternof Beyer, Kawandeep Virdee, Bevan Weissman‬), and Matthew Shanley

Date: 2012

Location: Harborwalk between Congress St and Northern Ave outside Children’s Museum

A interactive light installation that responds to the ambient and intentional sounds around it, transforming static space into a dynamic public place.





Title: Canopy

Artist: Michael Moss and Claudia Ravaschiere

Date: 2012

Location: Harborwalk between Summer and Congress St.

Canopy was a laser projection that created a dimensional, impressionistic canopy with myriad points of green light layered of a cloudscape. Using holographic technology, the artists created an unexpected experience on the public walkway along the Fort Point Channel.



Title: Dance Spot

Artist: Elisa Hamilton

Date: 2012

Location: Five prominent locations throughout Fort Point

Dance Spot is an interactive public art piece that transformed Fort Point sidewalks into colorful dance floors.

A series of five “dance spots”, prominently located throughout the Fort Point neighborhood, each area had a dance diagram drawn on the sidewalk with colorful chalks. Paired with a particular song, there was an online component where visitors could go to learn the dances via video and see the dances performed by the artist.


buckysonchannelTitle: Buckys on the Channel

Artist: Carol Bugarin

Date: 2012

Location: Fort Point Channel

Colorful large Buckyballs created from pool noodles were installed in the Fort Point Channel art basin, between the Congress St and Summer St Bridges.  Buckyballs, named for Massachusetts born architect Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller, popularized this shape in his geodesic domes during the late 60’s – early 70s.  The universal shape recurs in design, art, math, science, medicine, technology and play.  All of these are a part in the framework of the Fort Point neighborhood.

This project was made possible with the support of The Friends of Fort Point Channel




remodelingprojectTitle: Remodeling Project

Artist: Heidi Kayser

Date: 2011

Location: Fort Point Channel between Summer and Congress Streets

The Remodeling  Project  was a performative micro-environment that investigates ideas of public versus private activities in daily life, shared ideas of home, and boundaries between social and personal identities. Throughout the month of May, a small floating platform located between the Summer Street and Congress Street bridges will become a home base for an evolving narrative of constructed reality.

This project was made possible with the support of The Friends of Fort Point Channel



Title: Street Cathedral

Artist:  Michael Moss and Claudia Ravaschiere

Date:  Fall 2011
Location:  Throughout Fort Point along Congress and A Streets

Street Cathedrals was a jewel-toned sculptural installation anchored to the light poles at several locations in Fort Point. These pieces engage the public by invoking the reflective quality of cathedrals with a post-modern sensibility to share the public presence of art and celebrate the urbanscape of Fort Point. They evoke the contemplative character of stained glass with a sense of whimsy and discovery as pedestrians travel through the Fort Point neighborhood.



embroideredTitle: Embroidered

Artist: Sylvie Agudelo and James McLeod

Date: Fall 2011

Location: A Street, between Wormwood and Melcher Streets

The 450-foot fence was home to this community based art installation. Agudelo and McLeod collected text and images from contributors who live, work or play in Fort Point. The bits and pieces collected relay people’s experiences in Fort Point, and these elements are used in composing the art for installation. Silk-screened glass panels interacts with large embroidered cut-out silhouettes, bringing to life a visual record of their dialogue.




Title: Tidal Flowers

Artist: Tim Murdoch

Date: 2010

Location: in the Fort Point Channel between Summer and Congress Streets

Tidal Flowers consisted of 5 large flowers made with recycled detergent bottles that open and close with the changing tide.

This project was made possible with the support of The Friends of Fort Point Channel, with additional support from a Visual Arts Sea Grant from the University of Rhode Island.




We WillImagine photocredit Jodie BaehreTitle: We Will Imagine

Artist: Benjamin Gaydos + Karen Stein (goodgood), and Matthew Shanley

Date: 2010

Location: A Street between Melcher and Wormwood Streets, and the railing descending from Summer to A Street

Colorful tape laid out in simple patterns and letterform shapes transform the Summer Street Bridge and the A Street fence. This installation engages the viewer by asking, “Who will imagine the future of all this?”

This project is funded by The Fund for The Arts, a public program of the New England Foundation for the Arts, made possible by generous support from anonymous donors



Title: Channeling Fort Point

Artist: Elisa H. Hamilton and Andrew Edman

Date: 2010

Location: North side of Summer Street, over A Street,

A sculpture inspired by Fort Point’s industrial and artistic roots, alluding to our creative past, present and future.

This project is funded by The Fund for The Arts, a public program of the New England Foundation for the Arts, made possible by generous support from anonymous donors.


Cataract photo Jodie BaehreTitle: Cataract

Artist: Brian Tucker Bresnahan

Date: 2010

Location: The Binford Green, at the corner o f Binford and A Streets

A double-sided waterfall monument that emulates the design of eastern spiritual gateways while functioning as an optical lens of philosophical transfiguration.

This project is funded by The Fund for The Arts, a public program of the New England Foundation for the Arts, made possible by generous support from anonymous donors.



Title: Starry Night

Artist: Lisa M. Greenfield and Daniel J. van Ackere

Date: 2010

Location: A Street under Summer Street

Using 4800 blue LED lights, Starry Night creates the illusion of being under a starry sky, changing the dark underside of the bridge into an enchanting passage.




headsupTitle: Heads Up!

Artist: Brian Bresnahan

Date: 2009

Location: various locations around Fort Point

Photographer Brian Bresnahan’s project showcases portraits of Fort Point community members, installed at prominent outdoor locations throughout the Fort Point neighborhood. Bresnahan’s installation celebrates the identity of the Fort Point community.



BILLBOARDpublicartTitle: Billboard

Artist: Peter Harris

Date: 2009

Location: A Street Postal Fence, near Melcher Street

Peter Harris adorned a fence along A Street with three 4’ x 8’ billboards layered with photographic images relating to the area; the piece evolves over time.







Title: Coil/Recoil

Artist: Lisa Greenfield

Date: 2009

Location: Summer Street bridge over A Street

A cascade of colorful slinkys dangle from the Summer Street bridge over A Street. Says

Greenfield:“The spring itself can be a symbol of resilience – the resilience of the neighborhood

and the artists that persevere.”




Title: Winter Hue

Artist:  good good studio

Date:  Winter 2009
Location:  368 Congress Street (vacant building)

Title: Pollock’s Ghost

Artist:  Brian Bresnahan

Date:  Winter 2009
Location:  Windows of Channel Center


Title: House of Cards
Artist: Lisa Greenfield
Date: 2008
Location: Fort Point Channel

This floating sculpture was originally conceived to signify the tenuous nature of

artists’ housing in Fort Point. In the months since then it has taken on a broader

meaning relative to today’s overall economic crisis. FPAC thanks The Friends

of Fort Point Channel for funding of this project.



OutintheStudio.ETitle: Out in the Studio

Artist: Nicole Seisler

Date: 2008

Location: Summer Street over A Street.

Seisler physically ties together opposite ends of the Fort Point neighborhood with

‘Out in the Studio’, a performance and installation using hand-thrown, raw clay



Wojchiehowski fence FPA ssTitle: Light Words

Artist: Tom Wojciechowski

Date: 2008

Location: A Street near Wormwood Street.

Using the light from Fort Point landmarks and cityscapes, Wojciechowski’s mural

installation spells out words with images that celebrate the neighborhood.

Additional thanks to Mega Media Concepts for printing.



Title: Elevated Step

Artist:  Kristen Mills

Date:  2008
Location:  Wormwood Park


listenTitle: Fort Point Soundscape

Artist:  Dennis Svoronos

Date:  2007
Location:  Harborwalk at Gillette

Title: Necco Shutters

Artist:  Michael Tyrrell and Sandra Veiera

Date:  2007
Location:  Necco Court at Fort Point Channel






Title: Walking on Water

Artist:  Lisa Greenfield

Date:  2007
Location:  Fort Point Channel between Summer and Congress St





Chiming Benches_Public Art_0S07_GVTitle: Chiming Bench

Artist:  Claudia Ravaschiere and Michael Moss

Date:  2007
Location:  Wormwood Park on A Street

Title: Homage to the Optimist

Artist:  William Frese

Date:  2007
Location:  corner of A Street and Garage Access Road