Fall Public Art

Coming this fall:

Dance Spot by Elisa H. Hamilton

October 7-2012

Dance Spot is an interactive public art piece that will transform Fort Point sidewalks into dance floors throughout the month of October.

A series of five “dance spots”, prominently located throughout the Fort Point neighborhood, each area will have a dance diagram drawn on the sidewalk with colorful chalks. Paired with a particular song, there will be an online component where visitors can go to learn the dances via video and see the dances performed by the artist. Throughout Open Studios weekend and at other scheduled times throughout the project duration, Elisa will travel from dance spot to dance spot with a portable stereo playing each dance spot song while doing the dance spot routines and encouraging others to join in. Read more at dancespotboston.com


Floating Art:

Buckys on The Channel, by Carol Bugarin

October 7th to November 10th, 2012.

Colorful large Buckyballs created from pool noodles will be installed in the Fort Point Channel art basin, between the Congress St and Summer St Bridges.  Buckyballs, named for Massachusetts born architect Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller, popularized this shape in his geodesic domes during the late 60’s – early 70s.  The universal shape recurs in design, art, math, science, medicine, technology and play.  All of these are a part in the framework of the Fort Point neighborhood.

Carol Bugarin, designer of this project and glass jewelry artist, will adorn the Channel with the Buckyballs and geometric shapes repeated within the geodesic pattern.   “The techniques used to create the Buckyballs are no different than those used in jewelry making.  I envision the work like beads or jewelry for the water, only bigger.”

Follow the progress of the construction and installation on the Facebook Page, NoodleGirl or on CarolBugarin.com.

Floating art is made possible by the generous support of Friends of Fort Point Channel