Planes in the Sky

JeremyStarn_IndustrialAgricultureOnTheOgallalaAquifer.DalhartTexas_CompositeFalseColorSatelliteImage.ArchivalPigmentPrintonAluminum_30x24 (1)-1

through 7/1/2017

How does technology alter the human and natural landscape? How will humans, as a species, evolve and change over time? Planes in the Sky queries the significance and consequences of human progress, highlighting how advancement alters the landscape. The fifteen artists presented here examine how ingenuity evolves personal and cultural perspectives. Exploring modern science, stargazing, evolving architecture, nature and machine, Planes in the Sky offers a new idea of discovery.

Curator: Renée Ricciardi

Susan Blatt
Douglas Breault
Betsy Connors
Andrew Fish
Navidreza Haghighimood
Jeffrey Heyne
Lucang Huang
Courtney Jordan
Cassandra Klos
Michael MacMahon
Filipe Miguel
mona miri
Jeremy Starn
Mark Stock
Emily Valle

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 24, 6-8pm


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