Investing in Midway Studios


Midway Artist Collective, Inc. (MAC, Inc.) intends to purchase Midway Artist Studios in order to maintain artist control of the building. This plan is unique in that the property remains rental, and uses a non-profit ownership model that will sustain the affordable rental rates in perpetuity.
The rental model is a dynamic one as it allows artists coming out of school to afford to stay in Boston, and artists from around the world to come and work in Boston. It encourages the free flow ideas to be generated and shared between disciplines and generations.
The final part of the plan is a mission driven investment vehicle to secure the purchase. Midway Artist Collective, Inc. is offering investors the opportunity to invest in Ten-Year Term Subordinate Investment Notes, which will accrue interest on the principal amount at an annual rate of Eight Percent (8.0%), payable to investors each year by January 15. The principal amount of the Investment Notes will be payable ten years from the estimated April 2014 closing of the acquisition.

Please refer to the detailed terms and conditions provided in the Confidential Offering for more information.

The Offering can be downloaded at:

We need to raise a $1 million from investors by February 5th for our proposal to move forward, and the balance of our 2.2 million dollar goal thereafter.
The investment process will take 3-4 days so please take this into account.  Contacting at may help shorten the process, and we are happy to answer any questions.
As noted above, please refer to the detailed terms and conditions provided in the Confidential Offering for more information.
We hope you’ll join us in investing in Midway Artist Studios — an investment in the lives of its artists, an investment in a building crucial to the dynamism of Boston’s arts landscape, and an investment that will assure its presence for future generations.


Thank you!