Made in Fort Point FAQs







Made in Fort Point sells art, craft and design by Fort Point Arts Community Members

Who is eligible to participate?

FPAC member artists with studios in Fort Point, or who work in art-related businesses in Fort Point are eligible to join MIFP. Member artists previously displaced from Fort Point who maintain their membership and ties to the community can maintain full Member status.



Eligible artists can join MIFP at any time. New wall pieces can be put into inventory during bimonthly rehangs. Please coordinate with the store manager for all other pieces.


How much?

Each artist pays an annual participation fee of $40 and must keep their FPAC membership current. Artists are guaranteed 50% of sales of their work, or more based on volunteer in the store. Please see the participation application  for more detail.


Are participants required to volunteer/work in the store?

No. While all members are encouraged to volunteer either in the store or outside of store hours to work on designated tasks (marketing, cleaning, events, odd jobs, etc), it is not required. Volunteer hours increase the percentage artists earn on their sales. See participation form for details.


What can be sold at the store?

Made in Fort Point is not juried, but participants are encouraged to edit inventory for a retail setting. Space is limited and management reserves the right to ask artists to bring excess inventory back another time. Please limit size and quantity of items; consult with manager for further details.