Free Art Fridays


Free Art Friday — 2nd and 4th Fridays in Fort Point

Fort Point artists are joining in the global Free Art Friday (#freeartfriday) movement every 2nd and 4th Friday. Free Art Friday is a movement where creators gift pieces of original art to the public, which are left in public spaces on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Anyone can participate in Free Art Fridays to brighten up the streets and the lives of those around you! Free Art Friday is not exclusive to FPAC members– anyone can participate!

If you decide to participate, please email an image of the piece so that we can send out teasers on our Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts.

Friday, July 11th is planned as the continuation for what is becoming regular participation in this wonderful movement on Fridays. FPAC will participate every second and fourth Friday of the month through this fall. It’s a great opportunity to be a part of something larger, and to open up a dialog between Fort Point artists and our growing number of new neighbors.








1. Create a piece of art. Drawing, painting, poetry, 3D work, a CD or flash drive with music, animation or video – anything!

2. Pick up a tag available in the FPAC Office, Lobby of Midway Studios, Vestibule of 249 A Street and the vestibule of 300 Summer Street!. Tags available.

NOTE: Because Fort Point has lots of public art out in the neighborhood that is NOT free, we’ve created a standard tag to clearly denote a Free Art Friday item.

• The pre-printed tags have some basic info – including a web address and QR code for Free Art Friday Fort Point on Facebook. Here, you can post clues and photos, and, whoever finds your piece can post a message in return.

• Feel free to add your name, a message, a sketch, or website info to the tag – whatever you wish to communicate. (And yes, you can be anonymous if you prefer.)

3. Place the work somewhere in a public place outdoors on each 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.

• The location can be easy to see or hard to find, it’s up to you.

• You can leave clues if you want on your Facebook or Twitter account, or on the Free Art Friday Facebook Page.

4. Rain? If your piece is small, still consider participating and brightening someone’s gloomy day – just pop your piece and the tag in a ziplock bag.

5. Send us a photo of your piece! Snap a photo of your piece with its tag on. Send it to by 9am the day of the Free Art Friday and we’ll feature your piece on the Free Art Friday Facebook page.

To find out more about the global Free Art Friday movement and a list of FAF groups around the word visit: