By Way of Color and Design


Nancy Hayes

Nancy Hayes

10/30 through 12/01/2017

Opening Reception & Artist Talk: Thursday, November 16, 5:30-7:30 PM

Gallery hours: Tues-Fri: 11:00 am–3:00 pm and by appointment.

The Fort Point Arts Community Gallery is pleased to announce By Way of Color and Design, the second show of the 2017-2018 season, juried by Mary Tinti.

By Way of Color and Design celebrates the mesmerizing, open-ended language of color and composition through the paintings of Denise Driscoll, Nancy Hayes and Marc St. Pierre. Bold color, repeated marks, ambiguous space, and delicate line create new, yet plausible, spaces that evoke the familiarity of a half-remembered dream.

With unabashedly bold palettes, each artist draws upon pattern, form and line to develop a personal language of abstraction. Driscoll’s paintings layer color and mark over repeating shapes to create playful diagrams that map the relationship of part to whole across multiple perspectives. St. Pierre’s paintings are influenced by architecture as well as topography in a blend of intricate layers of visual information that is both constructed and unsystematic. Hayes’s paintings utilize geometry, spatial layering, organic forms as well as a highly structured foundation.

While each of these artists spins a deeply-coded, privately-held story as a painting unfolds, the viewer will encounter the paintings of all three as springboards—points of departure—into their own imaginative, reflective reveries.

“The eye-catching abstraction of these three artists will hang together beautifully,” says Tinti, “and there is a great deal of dynamic synchronicity in the work that will be lovely to see reverberate from wall to wall.”

“Similar to an explorer, the encaustic and collage paintings reference the language of maps and aerial views,” says St. Pierre. “I use a variety of printmaking processes as a departure for recording marks, surfaces, and layers. This becomes a collage groundwork that allows me to invent the abstract equivalent of land patterns such as the meeting point of landmasses and water for example. The result moves the viewer gradually over this precarious equilibrium constantly in flux.”

“In my paintings, I invoke the playfulness of game boards and the mystery of ancient icons,” says Driscoll. “Paint is brushed, stamped, repelled, stenciled, masked, washed, sanded, and dotted. Colors are layered and marks gather, mapping the relationship of part to whole across multiple perspectives.

“Painting permits direct access into my own personal laboratory where I develop forms and visual landscapes built from my imagination,” says Hayes. “I work with color, line, pattern, and shape, arranging and rearranging until I am inspired to elaborate on a composition, going deeper into its texture, its biology. My objective is to allow the viewer to explore their own visual narrative, enhancing the forms with their imagination.”

About the Artists

Denise Driscoll is a multidisciplinary artist who uses painting, installation and collaborative practice to explore interconnection, inner experience and invisible social structures. Driscoll is a SOLO2017 winner at Bromfield Gallery and her paintings and collaborative projects have been shown throughout New England.

Nancy Hayes was raised in a family that held principals of design before comfort or practicality. My father an architect, and mother a floral designer, she was destined to see the world through its structural patterns and organic essence.

Marc St. Pierre is a Massachusetts artist who has participated in numerous solo and group shows throughout in this region. His artwork establishes a dialog between the unsystematic and the constructed. “The result moves the eye gradually over this precarious equilibrium constantly in flux”.

About the Juror

Mary M. Tinti is an independent curator and art historian specializing in contemporary New England art and public art. Prior to her most recent position as curator of the Fitchburg Art Museum, Tinti was a Koch Curatorial Fellow at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, the first-ever Public Art Fellow at the New England Foundation for the Arts, and the Deputy Artistic Director of WaterFire Providence. Tinti received her B.A. from Providence College and her Ph.D. from Rutgers University.

About the FPAC Gallery

The FPAC Gallery, operated by the Fort Point Arts Community, Inc. of South Boston (FPAC), is a non-profit community organization founded in 1980. The gallery is fully programmed and staffed by volunteers. FPAC’s mission is to promote the work of our artists to a broad and diverse audience; to preserve the artists community in the Fort Point Channel area; to ensure the continuance of permanent, affordable studio space; to build community; and to increase the visibility of the arts in Fort Point. Fort Point is one of New England’s largest artist communities, home to over 300 artists who produce work in a wide array of media.