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image credit: Not Art

…Fine brings together thirteen artists to showcase moments of irreverence and resignation in the face of the art world and its limitations. It asks the question: how does an artwork benefit from that distinction, and when can it hold a project back? The interdisciplinary works included defy classification. They make use of the gallery in unexpected ways, pushing it to expand and become a platform for projects that have their sights set beyond these walls. The works on view might be better understood as innovations, architecture, academic research, craft, or design, and yet art and its institutions play a critical, if tenuous, role in each project’s development.

Exhibition dates
: July 8–September 30, 2017

Opening Reception: Wednesday, August 9, 6–8 pm

Closing Reception:  Thursday, September 28

Artists in the exhibition:

Piper Ainsley, Michael Bourque, Lindsey Caputo, Mia Cross, Cathy McLaurin, Mona Miri, Not Art, Austin Samson, Nicole Speciale + Curt Miller, Adrienne Shishko, Anna Stabler, Daniel Zeese

About the guest curator:

Casey Curry is a Boston-based curator interested in community engaged creative practices. She has organized exhibitions, artist projects, and public programs at venues throughout the area including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the New Art Center; and Blanc Gallery. Currently, she manages the exhibition programs at Gallery 263 in Cambridge as well as special projects at Artmorpheus in Boston. She holds a BA in English from Northeastern University and will begin graduate studies in the History of Art and Architecture at the University of Oregon in January, where she has been awarded a Graduate Teaching Fellowship.

Gallery hours

The Gallery at Atlantic Wharf is open daily to the public from 7 am to 10 pm, and is located at 290 Congress Street, Boston, MA, 02201.

Thank you to Atlantic Wharf and Boston Properties for support of FPAC’s programming at The Gallery at Atlantic Wharf

290 Congress Street, Boston MA 02210. Open daily 7am-10pm

More about Atlantic Wharf including other programming, parking, dining, and directions on their website.



Past Shows at the Gallery at Atlantic Wharf

planes in the sky

JeremyStarn_IndustrialAgricultureOnTheOgallalaAquifer.DalhartTexas_CompositeFalseColorSatelliteImage.ArchivalPigmentPrintonAluminum_30x24 (1)-1

through 7/1/2017

How does technology alter the human and natural landscape? How will humans, as a species, evolve and change over time? Planes in the Sky queries the significance and consequences of human progress, highlighting how advancement alters the landscape. The fifteen artists presented here examine how ingenuity evolves personal and cultural perspectives. Exploring modern science, stargazing, evolving architecture, nature and machine, Planes in the Sky offers a new idea of discovery.

Curator: Renée Ricciardi

Susan Blatt
Douglas Breault
Betsy Connors
Andrew Fish
Navidreza Haghighimood
Jeffrey Heyne
Lucang Huang
Courtney Jordan
Cassandra Klos
Michael MacMahon
Filipe Miguel
mona miri
Jeremy Starn
Mark Stock
Emily Valle

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 24, 6-8pm


previous exhibitions

materials witness

August 10–January 6, 2017
Reception: Wednesday, September 7, 6:00-8:00 pm (RSVP)
Curator’s Talk: Saturday, October 1, 2016 (RSVP)

Materials Witness presents thirteen Boston-based artists exploring the temporality of common materials. From concrete to rust, to cutting boards and phone cords, the work presented here investigates how history is recorded in objects of everyday use. Evidence of use is compressed in these works, as literal wear and tear translate into abstracted forms. Materials Witness asks us to consider how our own personal histories are documented within the tools, textiles, buildings, or things that we encounter day to day.

Artists in the exhibition
Molly Blumberg, Denise Bosco, Jane Deutsch, Jason Fiering, Brian Christopher Glaser, Jaine Hayward, Rebecca Henriksen, Coe Lapossy, Anne McNevin, Steven Muller, Loretta Park, Mike Swartz, Tom Wojciechowski

Hashtag on social media #MaterialsWitness

About the guest curator
Leah Triplett Harrington is a writer, editor, and independent curator focused on modern and contemporary art. She currently serves as senior editor of the non-profit contemporary art publication Big Red and Shiny, which was nominated for an International Association of Art Critics Award for best blog in 2014. She has contributed catalogue essays to CUE Art Foundation (New York) and Gallery Bergelli (California), as well as articles to Harper’s Bizarre Art, Hyperallergic, Burnaway, Pelican Bomb, and others.


SLopezChavez_Colomorpho_AtalnticWharfGallery copyre: development – the exhibition March 20 – July 29, 2016 (extended)

Implied in our contemporary understanding of the word “development” is a suggestion of progress, economic gain through the cultivation of properties, the erection of buildings; linear forward motion and visible growth. This definition evolved out of the late 19th century, with an emphasis on what it meant to bring out the latent possibilities of land or property, yet the terms “develop” and “development” evolve from a much richer set of Old French roots (desveloper) with an emphasis on unwrapping, unfurling and revealing a true meaning.

re: development has invited artists to reconsider their definitions of development in order to unveil current realities and the true potential of our shared, private and public spaces. In the work of Maria Molteni, Elisa Hamilton, Silvia López Chavez, Risa Horn, Ryuji Suzuki, That Hollow Place, Jose Santos and the Austin Architects, we are witness to art as an investigative and visionary tool in approaching the way that urban spaces are owned, operated and utilized.

In Boston, the relationship between urban development and the arts remains a source of conflict and opportunity. A renewed visibility of contemporary public art has been fueled by private/public partnerships; rents are at an all-time high, especially in “artful” neighborhoods; the arts are being utilized to celebrate, defend and preserve the communities most affected by gentrification. In short, art is an vehicle used by individuals, community leaders, policy makers, real estate developers and investors; the equity of our city very much depending on how and where we drive it.

Through this exhibit and subsequent programming, we hope to engender a dialogue around how we honor the needs, potential and dreams of all of our region’s communities; including new visions of the role artists, local government, the private sector and nonprofit organizations in cultivating a sustainable, holistic and equitable City. 

Artists in the Exhibition Maria Molteni, Elisa Hamilton, Silvia López Chavez, Risa Horn, Ryuji Suzuki, That Hollow Place, Jose Santos and Austin Architects with Alternatives Unlimited and Photographs by Raj Das.

Developing Ideas” Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe, June 14, 2016

Image: Silvia López Chavez

Programming Reception: Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 5:30-7:30 pm ArtWeek Curator’s Talk: Wednesday, May 4, 6:00-8:00 pm re: development – the discourse Wednesday, June 15, 5:00-7:00 pm followed by a live performance by That Hollow Place, 7:00pm, Atlantic Wharf Atrium In conjunction with re: development – the exhibition, Maggie Cavallo will moderate a public-facing dialogue that brings together leading voices in socially-engaged arts, development and architecture to highlight the nuances, realities and possibilities of what it means to reveal the true potential of the City of Boston. more about the event

About the guest curator
Maggie Cavallo is dedicated to activating relationships, advising institutional methods for working with the arts and optimizing the role of artists in society today. Her practice is curatorial, educative, and socially-engaged; directed towards providing dynamic learning experiences with, through and for contemporary art and artists. She is the co-founder of Alter Projects, a platform that fosters artistic infrastructure through custom arts programming and consultation for artists and organizations. Recent programming includes #CURRENT Artist-in-Residence Program at Boston Children’s Museum, Suspended at ARTcetera 2015 and Illuminus Boston. Cavallo was the Curator of Education at Montserrat College of Art from 2010-2015 and is currently a Teaching Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she co-leads the course Art, Design and Learning in Public. She received a BA in Media, Society and the Arts from SUNY Purchase and an Ed.M in Arts in Education from Harvard University.

Gallery hours: The Gallery at Atlantic Wharf is open daily to the public from 7 am to 10 pm, and is located at 290 Congress Street.

Big Picture III

October 5, 2015 – February 2016 Opening reception Thursday October 29th, 5-7pm RSVP Guest juror:  Leonie Bradbury, Director and Curator, Montserrat College Art Galleries   The Fort Point Arts Community’s annual large works show at Atlantic Wharf Gallery features paintings, drawings, photography, site-specific installation, and mixed media works by thirteen FPAC member artists.

stagg-giuliano_memory don_eyles_1_45h_70w dorothea_vancamp_1_39h-30w-1 ken_reker_2_7022_x_2622 martin_berinstein_h-59-w-88__2 t..d.heavican_1_48h-24w IMG_1872

above:Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano, Don Eyles, Dorothea Van Camp, Ken Reker, Martin Berinstein, T.D. Heavican, Elaine Buckholtz

works by:

Dirk Ahlgrim, Martin Berinstein, Elaine Buckholtz

Don Eyles, Keith Francis, T.D. Heavican,

Jeffrey Heyne, Kim Radochia, Ken Reker, Matthew Shanley

Stephen Sheffield, Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano, Dorothea Van Camp




Islands on the Edge

“Since their ancient formation by rising sea level, the Boston Harbor Islands have literally been on the edge of the continent, places where land meets sea. With the growth of Boston and its surrounding communities, the islands came to be unusual for their lack of inhabitants and development at the edge of a major metropolitan area. Figuratively, the Boston Harbor Islands have often been on the ‘edge of society’: places used to isolate people, institutions, and activities.”-Boston Harbor Islands interpretive theme Islands on the Edge explores the Harbor Islands and the concepts in the Islands’ interpretive theme, with drawing, painting, photography, video, mixed media, and sculptural installations by twenty-one artistsJudith Belben Aaron John Bourque Pogus Caesar Laura Davidson Phyllis Ewen Silas Finch Jeffrey Heyne Steve Hollinger Tova Katzman Ian Kennelly Lisa Knox Karen McFeaters Maureen McNamara Nathaniel Meyer Wendy Shapiro Sophia Sobers Christopher Squier John Steck Jr. Gianna Stewart Maureen Vezina Sarah Wentworth

Guest juror: Elizabeth Devlin, independent curator, art consultant, and founder of FLUX.Boston

The Fort Point Arts Community’s show at Atlantic Wharf Gallery is part of a larger project, The Isles Arts Initiative (IAI), a project initiated by Flux.Boston in collaboration with the Boston Harbor Island Alliance, the National Park Service, the Department of Conservation and Recreation, Greenovate Boston and the Boston Art Commission. IAI is a multi-site, multi media project that includes installation and performance on Boston’s Harbor Islands, and other gallery venues including The Boston Sculptors Gallery and Boston Children’s Museum. Partners in IAI include regional arts organizations, artists, and institutions from across Massachusetts and New England; IAI is a rare initiative that is not tethered to city, but rather celebrates a regional treasure.

About the juror: Elizabeth Devlin is an independent curator, art consultant, and founder of FLUX. Boston, an online resource for artists and art enthusiasts in the Boston area and beyond. Through weekly event coverage, artist interviews, and educational posts, Elizabeth enables FLUX. readers to feel informed, engaged in, and connected to the pulse of Boston Arts. Her writing has been featured in Art New England, New American Paintings, and Art21 Magazine among others. As a trusted resource and friend to the Arts community, a certified Boston Redevelopment Authority artist and curator of several critically acclaimed exhibitions to-date, Elizabeth strives to make the art world more accessible and to champion the endeavors of Boston’s creative community. More about Elizabeth at



Eight Fort Point Arts Community member artists who teach exhibit their work alongside selected students’ work in this juried exhibition. Guest juror Caleb Cole selected a diverse group of artist/educators and their students: the FPAC artists teach at every level, from elementary school through college and beyond, to graduate school and continuing education. The show features photography, painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, mixed media works.   Reception: June 9, 5-7pm RSVP

works by:

Jessica Burko, Eliot School, Jamaica Plain

Chris Faust, Medfield High School

Jesseca Fergusson, School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Jennifer Moses, University of New Hampshire.

Destiny Palmer, Boston Arts Academy, Boston Public Schools

Jose L. Santos, Brown Elementary School, Somerville Public Schools

Robert Siegelman, School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Stephen Sheffield, New England School of Photography


and selected students

SaraMarie Bottaro, Jamie Bowman, Taylor Byrne, Mateo Coronado,

Madeline Craig,Hannah Hayes, Lauren Karjala, Robert Labranche,

Miguel Llavori-Molina, Greg Lookerse, Kirk Lorenzo

Carol McMahon, Ruth Meadow-MacLeod, Marta Mendes

Alyssa Minahan, Greg Norstrom, Zoe Peters

and the Second Grade Students of the Brown School

Drawing the Line: Drawing by Fort Point Arts Community members

Drawing The Line                             January 26—April 24, 2015

Drawing The Line is an exhibition of drawings by seventeen FPAC member artists. The show includes traditional approaches to drawing, such as graphite, silverpoint, ink, and pastel as well as digital drawings and needlework.

works by:

Susan Blatt, Sammy Chong, Maggie Connors, Laura Davidson, Ruth Fields,

Jason Fiering, Sarah Gay-O’Neil, Elisa H. Hamilton, T.D. Heavican,

Jan Johnson, Lisa Knox, Maria Molteni, Steven Muller, Krina Patel,

Alexandra Rozenman, Jonathan Sahula, Candice Smith Corby

   About the juror: Stephanie Walker, owner, Walker Contemporary, has over sixteen years of experience as a contemporary art dealer. Walker began her career at a gallery specializing in 19th & 20th century American impressionist work and then became the Director of a contemporary art gallery on Newbury Street, where she remained for more than eight years. Walker also spent a year living in Los Angeles; traveling all over the country and especially up and down the West coast to fairs, galleries and artists’ studios. It was a pivotal opportunity that solidified and deepened her passion for working with contemporary art and artists. Walker is deeply committed to the advancement of outstanding contemporary art through the promotion of dedicated, innovative and passionate, emerging, mid-career and established artists.


Big Picture

Reception: November 18th 5-7pm On view through January 9, 2014

Jonathan Sahula

above: Jonathan Sahula


Big Picture is an annual exhibition in conjunction with October Open Studios, featuring large scale works by FPAC members.  The show includes painting, photography, print-making, and mixed media.
Works by: Dirk Ahlgrim, Domingo Barreres, Brian Bishop, Denise Bosco, Jessica Burko, Don Eyles, Dylan Hurwitz, Helen Lee, Amy Baxter MacDonald, Stephen McMillan, Maria Molteni, Andrew Neumann, Pamela Reynolds, Jonathan Sahula, Dorothea Van Camp, Floor van de Velde, Charles Win
Guest juror: 
Randi Hopkins, Associate Director of Visual Arts at the Boston Center of the Arts, Boston-based curator and arts writer


AmyB_MacDonald_2_24x48 Helen_Lee_2_48W_48H DOMINGO BARRERES, OPERATIC, MEDIATED MUTATIONS AS INTENTIONAL SIMULATIONS OF PERSISTENT DESIRE(OR, IMPERIAL CROWN AS INAUTHENTIC SACRED MYTH), M_M ON WOOD, 40X34 Charles Win Dylan HurwitzMaria Molteni Andrew Neumann Dorothea Vancamp floor van de velde Don Eyles  The Meeting in the Woods by Stephen McMIllan Denise Bosco Pamela Reynolds, Joyspring 2Brian Bishop above: Amy MacDonald, Helen Lee, Domingo Barrares, Charles Win,  Dylan Hurwitz, Maria Molteni, Andrew Neumann  Dorothea VanCamp, Flor van De Velde, Don Eyles, Stephen McMillan, Denise Bosco, Pamela Reynolds, Brian Bishop

Dirk Ahlgrim

Dirk Ahlgrim


Thanks to Atlantic Wharf and Boston Properties for support of FPAC’s art programming at Atlantic Wharf Gallery



Parks and Recreation


Sarah_gay_02-Happy Camper_2hHAMMECKER-dayatthebeach2hJeff_Heyne_2_10w-27hAndrew-Neumann-pcms-finalCobb_Emily_2_28h-22wElisa_Hamilton_2_14h-13w
July 14- September 26, 2014 
Opening Reception: Tuesday, July 22nd, 5-7:30pm

FPAC’s newest exhibition at Atlantic Wharf gallery embraces the spirit of summer. Parks & Recreation features art that kicks off its shoes, gets outdoors, catches a breeze, and savors the long days. The show includes work by eighteen FPAC member artists, with paintings, drawings, photography and mixed media.

Works by:

Kristen Alexandrov, Emily Cobb, Chris Faust, Leslie Anne Feagley, Sarah Gay-O’Neill, Elisa H. Hamilton, Mike Hammecker, Rachel Hammerman, Peter Harris, Jeffrey Heyne, Ian Kennelly, Sterling Mulbry, Andrew Neumann, Danny O, Stephen Sheffield, Ryuji Suzuki, Nick Thorkelson, Jennifer Wood
Guest juror: Lexi Lee Sullivan, Assistant Curator,  deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

About the juror: Lexi Lee Sullivan is currently working on a large-scale exhibition tracing walking as a radical artistic practice that will open at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in May 2015. She curated Lesley Dill and PLATFORM: 13 Roberley Bell currently on view at deCordova, and recently curated BRINKv1 at the Mills Gallery at the BCA as well as The 2013 deCordova Biennial, Retreat: Jean Shin and Brian Ripel, PLATFORM 10: Dan Peterman, second nature: abstract photography then and now, and Rachel Perry Welty 24/7 at deCordova. Sullivan previously worked at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and was a co-founder of the event series PopRally. She received an MA from Tufts University and a BA from Williams College.


 April 14, 2014-July 6, 2014 


featuring works by: Marin Berinstein, Jamie Bowman, Jessica Burko, Laura Davidson, Leslie Feagley, Jesseca Ferguson, Sharon Freed, Kate Gilbert, Todd Gieg, Kippy Goldfarb, Joanne Kaliontzis, Ian Kennelly, Lisa Knox, Miklos Pogany, Claudia Ravaschiere, Adrienne Schlow, Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano, Daniel J. van Ackere, Mike Ware 

nostalgia : a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations

Nostalgia is often a powerful and recurring undercurrent in artists’ work. Whether yearning for a time gone by, or a beloved place or object, nostalgia can have a powerful hold on the artist’s imagination. Artists in this show explore varied layers of nostalgia: home that is no longer a home, memories of longed for places, the toys of their youth, remnants of vintage ephemera. Featuring works by nineteen members of  the Fort Point Arts Community, Nostalgia includes photography, painting, drawing, video, digital collage, encaustic, and mixed media constructions. The guest juror for this show was Mary M. Tinti, Associate Curator at the Fitchburg Art Museum. Mary is an art historian who specializes in modern and contemporary art, and public art. Prior to joining the staff at FAM, Tinti was the Koch Curatorial Fellow at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum (2011-2013), an arts blogger for WGBH (2012), the first-ever Public Art Fellow at the New England Foundation for the Arts (2010-2011), and the Deputy Artistic Director of WaterFire Providence (2008-2010). Tinti received her Ph.D. from Rutgers University (2008) and her B.A. from Providence College (2000). Open daily 7am-10pm

Drawn to Water

December 23, 2013 – March 28, 2014

A group show of works by Fort Point Arts Community members inspired by water. The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, photography, prints, video, and sculpture in which water plays a central role.

Participating artists
Martin Berinstein, Brian Bresnahan, Laura Davidson, Michael Eder, Chris Faust, Jacob Higginbottom, Linda Huey, Jenifer Mumford, Shaari Neretin, Bryan Ramey, Nora Charney Rosenbaum, Jose L. Santos, Matthew Shanley, Stephen Sheffield, Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano, Nick Thorkelson, Dorothea Van Camp, Sara Whitman, Tom Wojciechowski, Yu-Wen Wu

Guest Juror: Elizabeth Devlin of FLUX.Boston About our juror: Elizabeth Devlin is an independent curator, art consultant, and founder of FLUX.Boston, an online resource for artists and art enthusiasts in the Boston area and beyond. As a trusted resource and friend to the arts community, a certified BRA artist and curator of several critically acclaimed exhibitions to-date, Elizabeth strives to make the art world more accessible and to champion the endeavors of Boston’s creative community. Her most recently curated exhibition was Pedigree, at the New Arts Center. More about Elizabeth at


Big Picture

Atlantic Wharf Gallery 290 Congress Street October 14-November 23, 2013 open daily 7am-10pm

a show of large works by FPAC member artists in conjunction with Open Studios

artists: Kristen Alexandrov, Jodie Baehre, Martin Berinstein, Katherina Chapuis, Maggie Connors, Coyote Painting Walls/Ivan Fernandez, Kippy Goldfarb, Lisa M. Greenfield, Peter Harris, Joanne Kaliontzis, Ian Kennelly, Lisa Knox, Lara Loutrel, Ralph Mercer, Wendy Shapiro, Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano, Dorothea Van Camp, Mike Ware, Meg Weed  Guest Juror: Bruce Ployer, Campus Curator, Northeastern University


Road Trip

Atlantic Wharf Gallery 290 Congress Street On Big Red & Shiny: 23 EXIT SIGNS -After Road Trip at the Gallery at Atlantic Wharf    July 1, 2013 –  September 21, 2013 open daily 7am-10pm Road trips are a timeless summer tradition. Rolling through a kaleidoscopic American landscape past motels, diners, and art deco gas stations toward grandma’s house, the summer cabin, or some fabled roadside attraction. Whether a rite of passage, or the start of an adventure, the road trip holds a place in our hearts and captures our imaginations. ROAD TRIP at Atlantic Wharf features works by 15 Fort Point artists, and includes photography, drawings, paintings, and mixed-media assemblage. Artists: Daniel J. van Ackere, Barry Cronin, Leslie A. Feagley, Elisa H. Hamilton, Peter Harris, Ian Kennelly, Lisa Knox, Karen McFeaters, Stephen Sheffield, Heather Meri Stewart, Ryuji Suzuki, Mike Ware, Tom Wojciechowski, Jennifer Wood, Martin Yeeles Guest juror: Beth Kantrowitz of Drive-By Productions