A searchable list of who is open for Fort Point Spring Open Studios 2015

You can search this list of Open Studios participants by name, media, and location.


First NameLast NameYour websiteArtist DescriptionStudio LocationFloor Number
Templeton Generalhttp://www.templetongeneral.comTempleton General is happy to host Orime Textiles out of Somerville, MA.
25 Channel Center
Southerhttp://www.thesouthergroup.comSouther: Artistry in glassMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center4
Bob's Your Uncle's Your Uncle, Thomaspaul, Lotta Jansdotter & Russel Wright: pop up shop and sample sale.
25 Channel Center
Boston Society of Architects New directions in typography
25 Channel Center
Arts and Business Council of Bostonhttp://www.dannyostudio.comThe Walter Feldman Gallery - Arts & Business Council, MASSCreative, StageSource, Mass Poetry.
LindsayAhernhttp://www.trigger-photography.comB Lindsay Ahern Trigger Photography Photography, Fine Art PortraitureMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center1
KristenAlexandrahttp://www.kristenalexandra.comKristen Alexandra- Silver jewelry with attitude and fanciful flatware249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)2
SusanAndersonPainting and drawing249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)4
NicoleAquillanohttp://nicoleaquillano.comNicole Aquillano: porcelain tableware with inlaid architectural drawings / custom work availableMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
LindsayBaerhttp://www.baernaeked.comBaer Naeked: Full mental nudity through photography, video and writing.Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
RamseyBakhoumhttp://www.ramseybakhoum.comRamsey Bakhoum: photography. Joint exhibition with Jacob Higginbottom, watercolors
Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center
WendyBergmanWendy Bergman: Classical Jewelry Fresh Water Pearls/Semi-precious Gems Handmade Greeting Cards249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)5
MartinBerinsteinhttp://www.berinstein.comPhotographs and instalation of liquidas in motion
249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)
LizBordenLiz Borden: Photography and music. greeting cards, prints, photos on canvas.
Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center
ElaineBuckholtzhttp://elainebuckholtz.format.comElaine Buckholtz Nighthouse Studio Prints and Light Installation249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)2
CarolBugarinhttp://www.carolbugarin.comCarol Bugarin Glass Art JewelryGroup space 0
NikolayChernyNikolay Cherny: painting, drawingGroup space4
GrandCircle Gallery Spring at Grand Circle Gallery with vibrant travel posters from the Golden Age of Travel.
Grand Circle/347 Congress Street
MaggieConnorshttp://maggieconnors.comMaggie Connors Painting, Drawing, Sculpture + Kids drawing and play-doh area in studio 509!Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center5
LauraDavidsonhttp://www.lauradavidson.comLaura Davidson artist books, prints, works in progress249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)3
DawnaDavisDawna Davis/wiredgems: wearable art, wire sculptural jewelry, wire sculpture and home decor.Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
DannyDeMillerDanny DeMiller: abstract paintings
Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center
BasilEl Halwagyhttp://www.basilelhalwagy.comBasil El Halwagy arabesque, organic, rustic, ceramic ware. AND: The Fine Art Superhero ProjectGroup space0
KevinFerreirahttp://www.studioferreira.comKevin Ferreira: Exploring narrative through animation, illustration, prints and painting.
Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center
MelissaFinellihttp://www.mellefinellijewelry.comMelissa Finelli: sculptural, contemporary jewelryMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center4
LilianaFoltawww.lilianafolta.comLiliana Folta: painting, installation and ceramic scuptures-new white series.Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
Lisa Greenfield: Old and New, Oil and Wax. New paintings and old work clearance.
249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)
JuliaGrooshttp://www.juliagroos.comJulia Groos: contemporary jewelryGroup Space0
PeterHarrishttp://peterharrisphoto.comPeter Harris photography and digital mediaMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
AriHaubenhttp://www.arihauben.comAri Hauben is a contemporary artist based in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. His work is awesome.50 Melcher Street1
JacobHigginbottomhttp://www.jacobhigginbottom.comJacob Higginbottom Watercolors
Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center
LindaHueyhttp://www.lindahuey.comLinda Huey: ceramic pottery and sculpture249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)5
AndrewKaufmanBroad Spectrum Gallery
Retrodynamics by Andrew Kaufman
Mathematically Inspired Graphic Arts
369 Congress Street
HelenLeehttp://www.helenleeart.comHelen Lee:Painting. Oil, acrylic & mixed media. abstract & expressionism.Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
EricLevinhttp://www.ericlevinphoto.comEric Levin - Photography and Mixed mediaMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center1
JenniferLewishttp://jenny-lewis.comJennifer Lewis: Illustrations and paintings of dark fairytale realms and woodland critters.Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center3
Amy BaxterMacDonaldhttp://www.amybmacdonald.comAmy Baxter MacDonald: painting, drawing, portraits, animationMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
KarenMcFeatershttp://karenmcfeatersgallery.comKaren McFeaters: Original paintings, prints and note cards. Cute pug assistants.Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center3
LeslieMillerhttp://www.originalpapercuts.comLeslie A. Miller Original Papercuts. One of a kind paper cuts . Note cards. Prints.I'd love to share a space with someone, other than that I guess a group space, if you have one.0
BonnieMineohttp://www.bonniemineo.comBonnie Mineo – Painting, printmaking, mixed media and workshops249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)2
MariaMoltenihttp://maria-molteni.squarespace.comMaria Molteni: multi-media and performing artist and New Craft Artists in Action Team CaptainMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
StevenMullerhttp://stevenmuller.comSteven Muller: Ink Jet Reduction / Photo based hand altered photographs. Berlin Series and Revenge.249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)1
AndrewNeumann Neumann Video/PhotographyMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
AmyNguyenhttp://www.amynguyentextiles.comAmy Nguyen: hand-dyed fine clothingMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center3
DanOstermanDan Osterman: Paintings, prints and impressions of Cape Cod, Maine and New England.249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)5
DannyO'Connorhttp://www.dannyostudio.comDanny O & JoJo Rosario
Creating works using upcycled materials and their intution
Binford Park, A Street
HeatherParkerHeather Parker PhotographyMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
AllenRazdowhttp://www.razdow.comAllen Razdow: 3D shadow sculpture, re-imagined photographs originally taken 1930 - 1960.
Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center
DarrelRazdowhttp://www.razdow.comDarrel Razdow

Works on paper; experiments in contemporary memorial & social commentary.
Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center
BrianSagehttp://sageartworks.comBrian Sage: oil paintings and limited edition printsMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center4
JonathanSahulahttp://sahula.orgHeather & Johnny: Elevator MusicMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
GabrielleSchaffnerhttp://www.gabrielleschaffnerceramics.comGabrielle Schaffner: functional ceramics
249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)
WendyShapirohttp://www.shapirodesigns.comtextured acrylic. gold luster series. 2015
Group Space
OlgaShmuylovichOlga Shmuylovich, painting, drawing, 3D, installationMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center4
RobertSiegelmanhttp://robert-siegelman.tumblr.comDrawing, Photography, Printmaking, Something for everyone, Lots of cool stuff at bargain prices!!249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)5
HeatherStewart Meri Stewart - Realist PaintingGroup space1
ClifStoltzehttp://www.stoltze.comStoltze Design exhibits an array of graphic design including posters, publications, & packagingMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center6
CarolStoltzehttp://www.carol.stoltze.comCarol Stoltze: Hand crafted jewelry incorporating pearls and semi-precious stones.Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center6
FionaStoltzehttp://fionastoltze.comFiona Stoltze: Hand dyed & printed textile accessories made from all natural fibers.Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center6
TomasSwifthttp://cheezweazl.deviantart.comTomas Swift: Macabre Paintings, Aberrant Inks, & Dead Monkey HeadsMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center3
AllanaTarantohttp://www.arsmagnastudio.comAllana Taranto/Ars Magna Studio: portrait photography63 Melcher Street1
SaraTchen-SusmanSara Tchen-Susman: Original and custom jewelry, mixed metal objects and wearables
Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center
LenoreTenenblatthttp://lenoretenenblattstudio.comLenore Tenenblatt: "Humble Materials" an exhibition of found materials sculpture and monoprints.249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)1
NickThorkelsonhttp://www.nickthorkelson.comNick Thorkelson: painting, drawings, comics, animation, postersMidway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
DorotheaVan Camphttp://www.unit35.comDorothea Van Camp
Recycle Re-edit: Screenprint + Oil +Wax
249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)
MontanaWannasaveang WANNASAVEANG : oil painting, watercolor and drawing. Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center2
AnnaWin-Leliwa Leliwa: paintings, illustrations
249 A Street Coop (including 251, 259)