Meredith Morten

Meredith Morten
300 Summer Street  #33
617 423 7552

Prehistoric archaeology has long fascinated me. I am intrigued by earthen structures, monuments and artifacts created by people who are known simply as the makers, artisans and engineers of the Past. The mystery surrounding them – their lives, the objects formed by their hands, and the places they inhabited – serves as a primary source of inspiration for my work. I have been drawn to the prehistory of Eastern and Central Europe for many years, an area less known to Americans because of the Cold War. Hungary and the Carpathian Basin have been a strong focus and my destination for research since 2007 when I took a sabbatical leave from Montserrat College of Art where I teach Sculpture.

My work includes installation, performance art and ceramic sculpture. My ceramic forms are composites of prehistoric objects that interest me. The sculptures interweave impressions of tumuli, archaeological sites, anthropomorphic vessels and tools. Anatomical references (human) are often incorporated. Behind the stimulation and beneath the surface is my search to understand the principles of Creative impulse, perception, and motivation – my own, my students’, and of those who lived long, long ago.

My process is both intuitive and direct. I work within the parameters of a concept guided by visual stimuli and environmental impulses. Inspiration gained through archaeological site visits, research, conversations, and experimentation informs and drives the work. Following a period of reflection I create abstractions by modeling and carving clay. I emphasize form over color, use minimal glaze, and rely on natural tones of clay bodies, stains and atmospheric firing to create surface incident. My sculpture ranges from small to large. I work in series, the parts of which are exhibited as objects or incorporated into installations.