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Ruth Mordecai

Gloucester, MA 01930

617 462 9171

Email: rglouc@comast.net



My paintings are graphic in that they often feature black and white paint or collage to define sculptural forms and uses a variety of lines to define the pictorial space. Often, a dash or two of color brightens an otherwise monochromatic color palette. A series formally and conceptually investigates imagined things such as dreams, fictitious landscapes or visual symbols that reference Biblical stories. This body of work is both gestural and sculptural and includes larger areas of color.

Usually my process translates into the stacking of various images that together have become the iconography of the work such as Jacob’s ladder, the moon, a horizon line with a puff of a tree at its peak, a stream of water, or figures in dance. The most recent works in series:  Dreams, Dance, Stacks, Between Painting and Sculpture, Landscape, Jacob’s Ladder/Jacob’s Dream (from Genesis) are examples of the use of this visual vocabulary.

Short Bio

Ruth Mordecai is a sculptor turned painter. For 25 years her studio was in Boston’s Fort Point District. It now overlooks Smith Cove on Rocky Neck in Gloucester, MA. She attended Bennington College and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts from Boston University School for the Arts, MA. She is represented by Soprafina Gallery in Boston’s South End (SOWA) and Trident Gallery in Gloucester, MA and has shown primarily in Boston, NY and Washington, DC

Her artwork is in major public and private collections including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Rose Art Museum of Brandeis University and the Wiggin Prints and Drawings Collection of the Boston Public Library, which owns 30 works on paper (1975 – 2011). Her work is included in Fixing the World, Jewish American Painters of the Twentieth Century, by Ori Soltes, Brandeis University Press, 2002. For complete BIO and information go to www.RuthMordecai.com