Gallery at 249 A Street


Laura Davidson, Ian Kennelly, Mark LeSaffre
June 1 – July 15, 2016


WE’RE BACK: Marilyn Tarlow & Bill Tarlow

tarlow_249Paintings and Drawings by Marilyn Tarlow and photographs by Bill Tarlow

May 4 – 28, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday May 7th,  2-4pm






Elaine Buckholtz: The Ruin of Nostalgia 



(a day into night installation)
April 2-28, 2016
Opening Reception: Wednesday April 6, 5:30-7:30

A visual exploration into the ruptured collisions of memory and the weathering of objects as they are sustained and changed through light, space, and time.“All matter is spent light.” Louis Kahn



About the artist
Elaine Buckholtz is an installation artist with a background in lighting design and music. Her work explores the medium of light as both an ephemeral phenomenon and as an intervention to unmask hidden aspects of architectural forms found in urban settings and landscapes. She has most recently shown works at The Lumiere Festival, London, England and Derry Ireland, Souzy Tros, Athens Greece, Back Yard Stories, Batumi, Georgia, Electric Works Gallery, The Luggage Store Gallery in S.F., and Sasha Wolf Gallery in New York. Elaine has also worked with Meredith Monk over the past fifteen years lighting Monk’s work internationally. She is currently a professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the Studio For Interrelated Media.more about Elaine on her website here




Domingo Barreres


Domingo Barreres: Paintings, Drawings and Prints with Lingering Vibrations from Spain
February 22—March 28, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday February 27, 6-8p
Artists Talk: Thursday March 10, 6p

Some (many) say that painting is no longer relevant in the 21st century because it has exhausted all it could do during its long, long history. It is a convincing proposition and they may have a point. But the challenge is so good, so tempting. So at the dawn of the 21st century I thought I would like to try to make paintings that elicit the sense of awe that has been painting’s traditional pedigree.”

-Domingo Barreres

“During my youth in Spain in the 1940s and 1950s, I absorbed the culture’s unique mixture of the spiritual and profane. Once living permanently in the USA, my adult analytical disposition was able to appreciate the clashing cultural contrasts made even more poignant by the privilege of distance.

During my late 50s, a visit to southern Spain compelled me to explore certain issues for which I had no form – as yet. And from the early years of this millennium academic figuration would insert a parenthesis within my preferred approach to metaphor through abstraction.

The works in this exhibition fall somewhere in the middle of this exploration using a figurative format and are influenced by another visit to Spain, this time to El Prado Museum in Madrid, home to the enigmatic painting LAS MENINAS by Diego Velazquez, as well as other, innumerable, fascinating visual and intellectual treats.”

About the artist
Domingo Barreres is one of the founding members of the 249 A Street Cooperative and one of the pioneering artists who first found studio space in Fort Point. Born in Spain, he came to the US in 1957 and arrived in Boston in 1960 to study at SMFA, where he later taught until his retirement in 2006. Barreres exhibits his work locally and internationally. In Boston, he is represented by Miller/Yezerski Gallery.












January 7 – February 21, 2016
Reception: Thursday, January 21, 5 – 7 pm

That artists love dogs seems obvious. Their poses and behaviors inspire us to take up brush or pencil or camera. Their cheerful openness to new experience sets an example for us to follow, if we can, and behind their eyes we sense a different kind of logic that, as we try to understand it, enlarges our own awareness.

Dirk Ahlgrim, Jennifer Amadeo-Holl, Domingo Barreres, Bebe Beard
Stephanie Berlo, Nyx Breen, Brian Bresnahan, Leah Davies, Claire Eder, Don Eyles (organizer), Yetti Frenkel, Kippy Goldfarb, Dorothy Hebden, Lisa Knox, Amy MacDonald, Karen McFeaters, Kirk McNeil, Carla Michel, Dan Osterman, Heather Parker, Bruce Rogovin, Jose Santos, Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano, Lenore Tenenblatt, Nick Thorkelson, Daniel van Ackere


For the Birds

Bird Show image six–72dpi

December 11, 2015 –January 2, 2016

For the Birds
is a group show of painting, printmaking, drawing, and photography as well as birds on ceramic vessels, curated by artist Bonnie Mineo.

Birds grace our world with their unique attributes that capture our imagination. Some birds are important cultural icons all over the world – depicting both good and evil, delight and intrigue.

Participating Artists: Laura Davidson, Becky Dwyer, Ian Kennelly, Lisa Knox, Bonnie Mineo, Miklos Pogany, Bruce Rogovin, and Gabrielle Schaffner







Homage: Old Northern Avenue Bridge

Dirk Ahlgrim     Lenore_Tenenblatt

Reception Wednesday September 23, 5:30-7:30
open by appointment
and open Friday October 2nd and 9th,  noon-8pm
September 15 – October 12, 2015


participating artists:

Nicole Aquillano

Dirk Ahlgrim

Joel Babb

Laura Davidson

Don Eyles

William Frese

Ian Kennelly

Lisa Knox

Kirk McNeil

Charles Norris

Heather Meri Stewart

Lenore Tenenblatt

George Vasquez

Jennifer Wood

Guest juror: Susan Merritt, independent curator

The gallery at 249 A Street presents a show of work inspired by the Old Northern Avenue Bridge and its bridge tender’s house.

The Old Northern Avenue Bridge, built in 1908, is the last remaining industrial swing bridge in Boston. It spans the Fort Point Channel at the mouth of Boston Harbor. The bridge was designed by Boston’s Chief Engineer, following his tour of drawbridges in England. Although it was designed for freight trains, a local political dispute resulted in it being used for other vehicles. The pedestrian walkways to the side were added in later years.

Bridge openings were initially operated by steam engine, but later changed to electric motor. The bridge tender’s house (beside the bridge) is badly deteriorated, and its associated pier fields and deckings were removed in recent years.

The bridge was closed to vehicular traffic in 1999, and functioned as a pedestrian crossing until December 2014, when it was closed to all traffic due to structural concerns. These concerns were first noted over a dozen years ago but no significant structural repairs were made.

The City of Boston is currently exploring various plans for the future of the bridge, ranging from restoration to demolition and replacement.

Over the years the bridge has been an inspiration to many artists. The Gallery at 249 A is pleased to present this  juried exhibition celebrating the bridge and its adjacent bridge tender’s house. The show includes photography, painting, drawing, and ceramics.



About the juror

Susan Merritt, independent curator

Since 2002, Susan has been committed to creating opportunities for artists. As art consultant for the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA), she launched the first convention center rotating art exhibition program in the nation. After working with a number of non-profit organizations, including FPAC, and serving on many committees, she is taking some time to work in her studio as an oil painter.


About the Gallery at 249 A Street

Gallery At 249 A Street features rotating art exhibitions and special arts events. The space is an evolving project of the 249 A Street Cooperative, one of Massachusetts’s first limited-equity live/work cooperative for artists. The building, which is home to more than 45 artists and their families, has served as a model for artists’ housing nationwide and was key in the growth of the Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC). Gallery At 249 A Street was the home of the FPAC Office for its first eleven years. The 249 A Street Cooperative celebrated its 30th anniversary with the opening of this new gallery space in September 2014.


Location: 249 A Street, Fort Point, Boston MA 02210

open by appointment. to schedule an appointment email:


Humble Materials

April 1- May 25, 2015

Reception: TBA


An exhibit of sculptures by Lenore Tenenblatt constructed from found materials and loosely drawn, landscape prints.

to schedule a visit contact: Rebecca Dwyer at or Gabrielle Schaffner at


Location: 249 A Street, Fort Point, Boston MA 02210


About the Gallery at 249 A Steet

The gallery is the newest art space in Fort Point, featuring rotating art exhibitions and special arts events. The space is an evolving project of the 249 A Street Cooperative, Massachusetts’s first limited-equity live/work cooperative for artists. The building has served as a model for artists’ housing nationwide, and was key in the growth of the Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC). The gallery was the home of the FPAC Office for its first eleven years, and the building was FPAC’s first development project, jointly created with the cooperative members.




Previous Shows:



Running Flag

Jenny Grassl

Through August 31, 2014

Reception: August 7, at 7pm


Gallery 14 will exhibit paintings by Jenny Grassl through August.
Opening reception on Thursday August 7 will be followed by a poetry reading featuring Alice Weiss, Lisa Breger, and Jenny Grassl



Jeffrey Heyne and Dorothea Van Camp

Through July 31, 2014





















Works by Jeffrey Heyne and Dorothea Van Camp

On view by appointment through the month of July 2014. Email to set up a viewing.


Big Dig Nostalgia

April 2-29 2014

Opening Reception Thursday April 10, 6-8pm

above: Casting Basin, Don Eyles

“It has been ten years since the Big Dig departed from Fort Point, and some of us look back with nostalgia to the time when Fort Point was still ‘owned’ by the artists and we were stimulated every day by the muscular art of civil engineering as it took place around us.” says Don Eyles, artist and curator of this show.

The 249 A Street Artists cooperative was literally  “touched” by the Big Dig. The building was the closest residential abutting building to go through the Central Artery Tunnel Project, with the tunnel foundation just 10 feet from its foundation. Construction took place on all four sides, over a period of many years.

The show features photography, painting, drawing and installation.



Rebecca Leviss Dwyer

Don Eyles

Anton Grassl

Dan Osterman

Lenore Tenenblatt

Nan Tull

George Vasquez

Valda Zalkalns





above: Point of View, Nan Tull, encaustic


About Gallery 14

Gallery 14 is the newest art space in Fort Point, featuring rotating art exhibitions and special arts events. The space is an evolving project of the 249 A Street Cooperative, Massachusetts’s first limited-equity live/work cooperative for artists. The building has served as a model for artists’ housing nationwide, and was key in the growth of the Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC). Gallery 14 was the home of the FPAC Office for its first eleven years.

249 A Street celebrates its 30th anniversary with the opening of this new gallery space.

More about the history of 249 A Street here



249 A Street, Fort Point

Boston, MA 02210


Open by Thursdays 4-7pm, and by appointment, contact:

Rebecca L. Dwyer  617-423-6852

Lenore Tenenblatt 617-513-5718
















above: Tunnel Construction, Anton Grassl, photography