Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano

Cuba X1

July 1-31, 2013
Opening Reception Thursday July 11th, 5-7pm












Made in Fort Point will be featuring Cuba X1, the photographs of Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano for the month of July. Utilizing official and informal avenues of access, unconstrained by the customary government-sanctioned itinerary, Sylvia spent many weeks photographing daily life, from the fading grandeur of Havana to dirt-poor pig farms in the hinterlands.

“In 2005, I fulfilled a long cherished desire to visit Cuba, a country idealized by some as an idyllic socialist utopia, vilified by others as a brutal police state. I met many fascinating people, from the veteran of the Bay of Pigs incursion who proudly described his role in repelling the ‘Yanqui’ invaders, to the cab driver who confidentially described the entire country as an open-air prison.”

“I approached my subject with an open heart and mind, and tried to make this visual record of Cuba and its people both unfailingly empathetic and unflinchingly honest. “

Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano is a commercial photographer and digital artist specializing in executive portraiture, commissioned fine art portraiture, and composited photo-illustration.

Her work can be seen on the Web pages of Fortune 500 companies, in private collections, and in galleries and museums in the US and South America.


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